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Roland Integra 7.PNG

     CLASSIC CHURCH ORGANS currently offers the state-of-the-art Roland INTEGRA-7 Super Natural Sound Module to pair with Rodgers Organs.

     With this module, our clients can add the entire orchestra and combo to their rich organ sound including:  Grand pianos, Electric keyboards, Acoustic strings, brass and reed instruments and even ethnic instruments.

     With this powerful combination, any style of music is playable on the Rodgers Organ!


When your purchase an instrument from  CLASSIC  CHURCH  ORGANS, your instrument has many amazing sounds.

Imagine ....

adding even more Upgrades to make your worship experience:


  1. Inviting

  2. Inspiring


CLASSIC  CHURCH  ORGANS can provide your musicians and singers with instrument upgrades of MIDI, Sound Mixers, and more to help incorporate all your talented members be part of this amazing musical journey! 




     Let your musicians that play the flute, guitar, clarinet, violin, etc. accompany your organist.  A mixer for the Rodgers organ provides excellent-quality instrumental sound for all instrumentalists heard through your organ's sound system.  
     All instrumentalists can add their talents to the sound palette of worship with your Rodgers Organ!

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