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Ascension Lutheran Church 
Green Bay, Wisconsin
September 2012  



Hybrid Organ

Combines almost 200 ranks of digital pipe voices
Ascension Lutheran Church 3 manual Rodge
with 14 ranks of winded pipes!

"We selected Rodgers to combine our winded pipes because their organ offered the best sound and tools to allow the organ to play any style of music for our worship!"                     

St. Therese's Catholic Church 
Wausau, Wisconsin   --   March 2016


3-Manual Organ

with 10-ranks of winded pipes and a highly customized sound system
Infinity 3.PNG

Following  a dedication concert performed by world famous concert organist, Dan Miller, in March 2016,

St. Therese's music coordinator, Lynn Hildebrandt,  exclaimed:

"That was just wonderful!  This organ really can do anything!  I especially liked the organ mariachi band!"

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